Body Wraps by Arosha

The Arosha wraps bandages are carefully impregnated with quality ingredients to aid cellulite reduction, toning, moisturising and water retention. With variety of bandages a bespoke treatment is available for every client.

Aqua Drain bandages are used to significantly reduce water retention, clears toxins and drains the lymphatic system, tones and firms, as well as remineralising the skin, leaving it fresher, brighter and with better hydration. The Aqua Drain bandages are always used for your first treatment.

Slim-Cel 3 bandages help to tackle cellulite and water retention. It will reduce excess water, as well as breaking down cellulite, promotes circulation, slimming, draining and moisturising.

Cel-Term 4 is a thermal treatment designed to help slim the body by burning fat. It’s great for tackling Adipose Cellulite, and helps improve tissue elasticity, removing waste and stimulating fat metabolism.

B-Batural are bandages designed for toning the bust and upper arms, improving elasticity and firming.

Crio-Tonic 2 are cooling bandages designed to tone and firm the skin following weight loss. The treatment is designed to increase your metabolism and tone the skin.

A result seen after one treatment, but 8 sessions is recommended, twice a week.

Single £75
Course of 8 £450
As add on to a facial £45

To book this treatment, either give us a call on 020 7225 3695 or book online via the button below.