LED Facial

LED lamp 3D- Skintech: Offers a full canopy LED with four colours designed to treat different skin types. This is a 20 minute treatment making it the perfect add-on to any facial.

Used in conjunction with our unique technology, or as a stand- alone service, we have a dedicated range of skin peels and cosmeceutical skincare products that ensures a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to your clients’ needs.

LED stands for: Light Emitting Diode. LED is a light source that emits infrared light (heat) when activated.

It is a non-invasive skin treatment which increases the body’s natural repair process by harnessing the power of light. The light stimulates the cells into producing more energy, helping the cells to work more effectively to heal and repair the body.

The benefits come from exposure to the light. LED lights come in different spectrums, including red, white, and blue infrared.

The red is the most universal LED light- stimulates collagen and accelerates healing. Good for improving a texture and tone, to acne and aging.

The white goes the deepest into the skin (it penetrates a few millimetres deeper than the others), and tightens and tones while reducing inflammation, great for inflamed acne.

The blue light kills bacteria.

premature ageing or suffer from skin conditions such as Acne or Eczema A course of weekly LED Phototherapy treatments could help improve your skin.

Results from LED light therapy are cumulative, so you’re supposed to get better benefits from doing a treatment a week for eight to ten weeks.

10 min treatment as add on £20
Individual treatment of 30 min £45
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