Elimination of dead skin cells to counteract excess lipids on the skin, unblock pores, break down intercellular bonds and activate the skin’s natural regeneration cycle.


30 mins Course of 3
Almond (Mandelic)
for sensitive skin with antiseptic effects, can be done even during the summer.
£75 £200
Pyruvic Peel
for deeper action, de-pigmenting effects
£75 £200
Glycolic peel
antiaging for mature skin
£75 £200

Frost Peel with stem cells mask

A deep exfoliating treatment recommended for skin with wrinkles hyperpigmentation, photo aging symptoms and scars. 2 stages of the peel:

A milder exfoliation process for sensitive skin which has lost its firmness and elasticity for stimulation and revitalization
40 mins £75
Gives the effect of a stronger exfoliation for a mature skin, oily, discoloration and signs of photo aging and deep scars
45 mins £90

Bioelectro Peel

An innovative method of deep exfoliation. Bio Peel does not damage the skin, no inflammation and irritation. Under the influence of thermal energy cells are revitalised, activated and regenerated.

Reduction of wrinkles, improvement of the face shape is achieved.

Bioelectro Peel 20 mins £55
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