Plasma Pen – New at Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty

Plasma pen offers alternative to surgery for treating skin conditions


Like most skin rejuvenation treatments, there may be some side-effects but the post-treatment
downtime and recovery from Plasma Pen – plus the end result – is frequently shown to be far superior to
treatment with other devices. However, we are not in control of what you do when you leave and you
must follow these important guidelines carefully if you wish to enjoy optimal results and protect your
investment in Plasma Pen treatment.
Although for most Plasma Pen treatment is virtually pain-free, your own treatment may be moderately
uncomfortable and sensitive depending on where you are being treated – especially eyelid procedures
where the skin is at its thinnest – and your own sensitivities and tolerances. Your technician will work
closely with you on this including providing and/or recommending the best numbing product(s) Our
Plasma Pen device and super-fine probes allow our technicians to work quickly and efficiently which will
dramatically minimise any potential discomfort for you.

The Plasma Pen treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation. It is important to
stress that Plasma is a non-surgical technique where no scalpels or any other surgical instru­ments are used.
The Plasma Pen treatment is an active answer to patients need for beauty treatments that provides a perfect look
but is not based on surgi­cal methods as there are no surgical risks involved.


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